Let me begin with this burning question. ᅠA question that most people don't even attempt to think of for fear of the ultimate answer. Or worse, have put off until the voice in your soul simply will not go away and you are left with no other choice but to listen.


“What would you attempt if you knew you would never fail?”


Have you ever been at that point in your life where you asked, “What’s next?”ᅠ Or even worse, you wake up one day and perceive in your soul that may you have been living with blinders on and playing by the rules a little too much.ᅠ You have been a “middle of the road” kinda person?ᅠ Have you reached a point in your life where you realize you are entering the second half of your life and you want to make it count? You see all the opportunities you missed out of fear or self-doubt and now you are ready to take that leap into uncertainty and just go for it.


I know exactly how you feel.  I was that person.   I’d like to share my story with you. And my story starts in the middle of a lake.


My Formal Bio:

It begins one June morning, very early, in the middle of a lake. At that moment, thought I was going to drown. In what felt like an eternity, the only sounds I could hear were the beating of my heart and my labored breathing as I struggled to keep my head above water.


“This is it!”ᅠ I thought to myself struggling to stay away from the panic that was engulfing my mind.ᅠ “I am a goner!”ᅠ Suddenly, a voice from the inner parts of my brain quietly whispered, “Calm down.ᅠ It is going to be alright.ᅠ You just need to relax and breathe.”ᅠ Slowly I felt my breathing relax, my arms move forward and my feet kicking to get me to my destination.ᅠ Within a matter of seconds I could hear the sounds of the other swimmers. ᅠ I began to realize, I was going to be alright. ᅠI felt a huge sense of relief come over my body.


Needless to say, I did not drowned that cool June morning.ᅠ I was in fact, competing in my very first triathlon.ᅠ Obviously the swimming portion is not my super hero strength.ᅠ What struck me that morning and has been such a driving force ever since that day is that the panic and frustration I was feeling was a screaming metaphor that was mirroring my life. ᅠᅠI felt in so many arenas of my life that I was drowning.ᅠ I was a middle aged woman with no direction, yet on the outside my life looked so perfect.ᅠ You know the kind of woman; she has the kids, the dogs the hot hubby the house, blah, blah and more blah. That was me.ᅠ Yet deep down, I was miserable.ᅠ Not the kind of miserable where I couldn't get out of bed, but the kind of low grade fever that seemed to engulf my life.ᅠ It was myᅠ"lake moment"ᅠas I refer to it. I realized I need to take action and make some serious changes if I were going to make the second half of my life something to write home about.ᅠ My life was half over for goodness sake.


Does any of that sound like you?ᅠ If you are reading this and your head is nodding yes, even if it is hard to detect, then you have found yourself in the right place.ᅠ You, my soul sister, are the person that my business was created for.


During my own transformational process, I learned a lot.ᅠ I learned not only a lot about myself, but others as well.ᅠ I learned what it really takes to be successful.ᅠ Not someone else’s definition of success, but your definition of success. It was during this transformation that I began to see patterns and common ideas that truly worked.ᅠ Ideas for women to not just survive life, but to thrive in their lives.ᅠ You are created for a divine purpose. Your life should be a direct reflection of your passions, values and strengths.ᅠ Whether that is a new business, a career a start-up volunteer organization, I am here to help you make sense of it all and to put into practice what may only look like a far off vision. ᅠᅠRemember, a reality always starts with a vision. ᅠA vision begins the moment you decide to take action on that vision.

May people refer to me as aᅠ"Life Reinvention Strategist",ᅠequipping individuals to make the second half of their lives the best half.ᅠᅠI am able to draw on both my professional and personal life experiences to support women in achieving career, relationship and personal success. It truly is my passion, my purpose and now my business. I am a coach for individuals who:


  • Are going through some type of transition and feelᅠstuck.
  • Is facing the second half of life and not really sure what to do next? ᅠYou may have given the first half of her life to the service and devotion to aᅠgrowing family. ᅠNow, it's your turn.
  • Feels andᅠlacks the confidence to really go all out for your dream life.
  • Not sure what your purpose is or even how to define it.
  • Lacks a support system to encourage, inspire her and tell her she is not only going to make it, but she is going to totally rock it!
  • Need tools and strategy that can help them define what they want and equip them to go out and get it.


I am aᅠProfessional Certified Career Coachᅠ& Life Coachᅠhaving received my certification from The Career Development Network located out of California.ᅠ It was there that I was trained to help people navigate transition.ᅠ It was a great training experience, but where I really gained all of my expertise, was with theᅠ2,000 people I worked with in the trenches.ᅠ Where I heard stories that broke my heart, cried with people who were fired for no reason, and worked with women who suddenly found themselves alone after 20 years and no way to support themselves, to name only a few.ᅠ That is where I learned my skills and began to create individual strategies for people to break the rules and shine in the skin God gave them.ᅠ That is my definition of identifying someone’s brand. ᅠᅠMy truest passion is to stand in the gap for women who know there is something more but aren't really sure how to grab hold of it.


I have overᅠ25 years of speaking experience.ᅠᅠ I have created and implemented over 20 workshops specifically designed to meet clients and agency needs.ᅠ I am in essence, a problem solver.ᅠ I have had the privilege of speaking to groups of 500 to groups of 2 all over the country.ᅠᅠ I truly feel alive and at home in front of an audience.ᅠ I am a true performer.ᅠ I love to hear laughter from my audience and the looks on their faces when something I have said really and truly resonates with them.ᅠ Here are some of my highlights:


  • Keynote Speaker for educational opening address
  • Presenter for NAWDP annual conference in Minneapolis
  • Michigan School Board Association Speaker at annual conference in Lansing
  • Awarded Top Health Educator in the State of Michigan because of my super cool and creative ways to teach kids to wait to have sex until they are married
  • Too many to count High School presentations to motivate youth to live their true and authentic selves.
  • I teach at two colleges in the Speech and Communications Departments
  • Trainer for Michigan Works! going on 10+ years and loving every minute of it


I believe that each one of us is created for purpose and with uniqueness.ᅠ There is only one you and you only have one life; live that life using all of your gifts.ᅠ If you do not, you are not only cheating yourself but someone else who needs your brilliance.


If you find yourself in a position where you are seeking employment, looking for change or really wanting to know your purpose, contact me.ᅠᅠᅠ Or, if you are not quite ready, subscribe to my blog where I post really great content that is guaranteed to change the way you think.ᅠ And when you change the way you think, you change your life.


Let me ask you this;


“What would you attempt if you knew you would never fail?”ᅠᅠand, “What are you waiting for?”


"Julie is vibrant and you just hang on her every word.  You will leave feeling energized and wanting to change things in your life."



Director of Volunteer Services

"High energy!  Fresh!  Down to earth.  Relates well to all ages and backgrounds.  Julie makes everyone feel like they are number one."



RSVP Director

"Julie is dynamic and personable.  Her energy kept my attention along with the content.  Her personal stories added so much relevance.  She is really fun and her presentation is a must for any group."


RSVP Director

"She is interactive, can relate, and tailors the presentation to the group she is speaking to.  Very relevant!  If you don't hire Julie your are missing out.  She is intuitive, experienced, knowledgeable, motivating, well prepared, and passionate!"



Director at DICSA

"She talks with us, not at us.  Her high energy and knowledge keeps participants engaged."



Human Development and

RSVP Director

"I felt like she was talking directly to me.  She is very knowledgeable about your topic and very passionate!"T



Director at DICSA

"I liked the way Julie did her homework on the group before she came.  She surveyed all the group members before the training in order to customize it. Julie is full of energy, funny and relates the message to real life."



RSVP Director Michigan

"Julie helped us identify what it is that is holding us back and how to overcome that and be more successful.  She has amazing energy and a great ability to tie everything together so it makes sense."



RSVP Director Greater Detroit Area

"I loved her energy and her stories.   Lots of laughs and great eye-contact.  Julie uses her own life stories and has really great ideas on how to overcome obstacles and turn them into opportunities."



Director Retired and Senior Volunteer Program


 To contact Julie Carr for Speaking, Training, Coaching or if you just have a burning question, you can reach her this way:


+1 (989) 325 - 0636